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Mink Lashes

Classic -Volume


Juvi Mink Lashes is the go to brand of faux minks. Our classic Juvi Mink Lashes available in regular or mini format - natural feel, with many length options for extra drama.


Premium faux mink lashes are ideal for clients that want an ultra glamorous look, without triggering allergies or uncurling like real mink. Soft, natural and most similar to natural hair, our classic Mink Lashes are 100% cruelty-free, made of only the highest quality synthetic fibers. They clean easily away from the tray, are residue-free, to provide a strong, long-lasting bond.

Luxurious, glamorous Juvi Mink eyelash extensions create the latest, on-trend look. We offer 2 different packaged boxes to best fit our clients needs!


Excellent value with 16 lines per tray instead of the usual 12.

  • 6 lines go up to 20 mm length 

  • 16 lines go up to 15mm length


Accentuated curve

Heat and humidity resistant
Synthetic fibers
Jet black color

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