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Liquids Prep & After Care

PRMER 2 TYPE  copy.png


Removes protein and dirt from the natural lashes to prepare the surface for a better bond with adhesives before eyelash extension. It helps eyelashes to last longer and improve fixation time. 

Size available 7ml (Brush) / 15ml

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As a pre-treatment procedure, removes dirt and oil from the natural eyelashes before eyelash extension. Vitamin C Lash Cleanser helps to regenerate the natural eyelashes and extend the bonding life of lashes.

Size available 15 ml

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Glue remover

Special formula with active ingredients Allantoin and Glycerin, effectively removes makeup and dirt from eyelashes without causing damage to natural eyelashes. Ideal for sensitive eyes.
This regular usage remover enhances health of natural eyelashes by deep cleansing eyelash follicles. It also breaks down glue so it is safe way to remove eyelash extensions.
A must-have, essential product for every lash professional. 

Size available 7ml (Brush) / 15ml

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