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Pre Made Lashes

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6D -8D  Lashes


Our brand new “Bouquet of Juvi” premade volume fans are ultra lightweight, with superior curl retention and are very easy to apply. You can choose how many lashes per strand you need starting from 6D or 8D. 

Each of the 16 strips contains 14 carefully selected knot free strands ready to be applied.

With Bouquet of Juvi lashes, you will be able to make mega volume lashes twice as fast!

  • Strands 6D, 8D 

  • Curls – B

  • Thickness – 0.06 

  • Lengths – 9mm-11mm -13mm  -15mm

  • 16 lines box go up to 15mm length

  • Knot Free

bulk lashes_14A5865.png

10D Knot Free


These are not your average flares!

Juvi Individual lashes are ideal for the lash technicians who offer volume lashing to their clients. Volume lashing is the hottest trend in the eyelash extension industry.

More natural looking and soft to the touch, they create extra volume for that sultry look!

Juvi 10D Individual Lashes are all ready-to-lay fans without a knot - looking as natural as possible.

Super light in weight so as not to damage your natural lashes.


Knot free 

Designed to create volume

Packaged boxes of 300

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