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A soothing, non-irritating, oil-free formula that removes makeup from the delicate eye area. Leaves no oily residue. Fragrance free.
- Cucumber Fruit Extract
- Chamomile Flower Extract
- Non-irritating
- Oil Free, leaves no residue
- Fragrance free
- Eye makeup can be re-applied instantly

Directions: Pour a small amount onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over entire eye area. Repeat if necessary.

Size available 120ml 

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Blooming Dual After Care

eyelash growth essence and protecting clear coating in one bottle

  • Excellent Eyelash Growth Essence provides full nutrition to damaged, weak and thin eyelashes due to frequent application of eyelash extensions, eyelash perms or other lash treatments. Contains active ingredients, premium grade herb extracts and vitamins that restore and revive natural lashes by stimulating blood circulation of the roots. Protects and prolongs the lifetime of the eyelashes by 50%, and encourages natural eyelash growth and nourishment. Use daily for best results. 


  • Protecting Clear Coating is the most effective tool for prolonging lifetime of extended eyelashes. This coating seals the eyelashes as well as protects eyelash adhesive from moisture, humidity and grease thus preventing lashes from falling out prematurely.

Full using instructions and information on how to use this product supplied with each bottle.

10ml Bottle (5ml of each lotion)



Did you know that germs & bacteria live on your lashes?


In order to maintain the health and quality of your eyelashes, Juvi has created an eyelash shampoo that is specially designed for eyelash extensions. This shampoo effectively removes all allergens, oils and bacteria from the lashes. It’s ideal for those who suffer from hay fever and similar allergies, helping to alleviate symptoms of itchy, irritated eyes. The foam cleanser formula with active ingredients Allantoin and Glycerin, effectively removes dirt, oil and make up without irritation or causing damage. It strengthens the eyelashes leaving them clean, fresh and healthy. Used daily, Juvi’s Eyelash Shampoo, will give you longer lasting eyelash extensions, while keeping them clean and comfortable. Removing makeup before and after extension procedure has never been easier! 

This regular usage foam cleanser enhances health of natural eyelashes by deep cleansing eyelash follicles.

Paraben free, no irritation.


Oil free, 

Leaves no residue 

No Alcohol

Size available 40ml

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